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Simple moments can become priceless memories with the Selfie Stand

Say goodbye to crammed photo booths, awkwardly posed photos and distorted selfies. The fully digital, customizable Selfie Stand with a halo lighting ring helps create perfect shots every time.

For all of those memorable moments, the Selfie Stand is an event within an event creating fun social photo experiences.

We have everything you need to keep the party going and the happy snaps coming from virtual props to real props, green screens, backdrops, filters, custom frames and animated gifs.

Guests can text or email the photos directly or share them via social media with custom tags, hashtags and captions. We also have online photo albums for you to create memorable event photo galleries.

Portable and convenient, regardless of how big or small your event is, we can scale to meet your needs. It’s fun, easy-to-use, quick to setup and runs reliably for hours on end so everyone can relive their great memories time and time again.

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